In the last few years, we have launched several programs in China to help raise awareness about the importance of water stewardship and inspire action in communities.

Our community water initiatives in China are diverse and widespread, reaching people in cities and rural villages across the country.

  • A partnership with UNDP, Ministry of Water Resource, and Ministry of Commerce was established in 2007, focused on Sustainable Agriculture, Drinking Water Safety, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, Capability Building, Watershed Protection and Policy Study in rural areas, establishing a series of diversified pilot sites around China.  The partnership serves to demonstrate the best practice of water resources management for sustainable development of community and environment.  By 2011, over USD 3.5 million has been funded into the partnership.
  • The Coca-Cola/WWF Partnership was launched in 2007, building a community based water conservation model in the Minjiang watershed, and a wetland protection network in Jialiangjiang. Over 25 wetland nature reserves in the Jialingjiang watershed carried out water conservation activities. The lives of over four million people were improved through river protection, public education, and policy advocacy. By 2011, over USD 4.5 million has been funded into the partnership.
  • Save a Barrel of Water was launched in 2005, promoting public environmental awareness at schools as a starting point. By 2011, 1.3 million people had joined the program across China.