Our stake in local water sources is just one of many. For us to do business—and to be part of the solutions addressing water stress—it is essential for us to secure the trust and goodwill of the people in the communities where we operate. Such trust can only come from candid, continual dialogue—an ongoing conversation in which we show residents how much water we are using, how we are using it, and what we are doing to improve water sources, while carefully listening and seeking to understand residents’ specific concerns about water.

If they are to be effective, our efforts to protect local water sources must involve collaboration with local stakeholders, including governments, community members, water agencies, nongovernmental organizations and others. As our bottling partners implement their SWPPs, they engage local stakeholders and collaborate on solutions that serve local communities and ecosystems as well as our business. 

Some featured partnerships and stakeholder engagements in 2013, include:

  • Consulted with the United Nations on water related post-2015 development goals.
  • Expanded our nearly decade-long partnership with the WWF to create and work toward a set of ambitious new global environmental conservation and performance goals.
  • Expanded the Support My School program with UN-HABITAT and others in India, raising approximately 50 million rupees and aiming to reach 1,000 schools by 2016.
  • Announced our goal to bring EKOCENTER to communities in need of safe water access and other basic necessities across 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America by the end of 2015.
  •  Worked with the CEO Water Mandate to evolve and mature disclosure on water and to harmonize it with other water-related disclosures, as well as to develop reporting guidance for businesses related to ensuring the human right to water.
  • Partnered with 2030 Water Resources Group on projects in Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania, and South Africa.
  • Convened influential stakeholders with WWF at Stockholm World Water Week to learn about our partnership and explore opportunities for engagement toward common goals.