To commemorate World Water Week, we’re showcasing three powerful “Every Bottle Has a Story” films from around the world. These mini documentaries highlight Coca-Cola’s global commitment to water stewardship, and to building sustainable communities.

Take a look:

Gunsarob Garing, 92, lives in a remote village on Borneo Island in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Until recently, getting fresh water required a daily trek to a river several kilometers away since she did not have a suitable source of water near her home. Gunsarob's life changed as a result of a community water project led by Coca-Cola and Raleigh International, a British youth development organization. Coca-Cola Malaysia collaborates with volunteers from Raleigh International to provide villagers with a sustainable supply of clean water through gravity-fed water supply systems. Water is transported by pipes to tap stands near villagers’ homes. Community members are fully involved in the installation of the tanks and pipes, and are taught how to maintain the system. This simple technology saves Gunsarob and her fellow villagers from their daily trek up and down the mountain to access water.

Through Project Catalyst, Coca-Cola, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Reef Catchments, the Australian government and local development partners are working with local landholders to develop and test progressive farming practices to improve the quality of the water runoff in the area surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. Read more.

In 2009, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation launched the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), a $30 million program that is on track to provide at least 2 million Africans with safe water by 2015 and to fund water projects in every African country. RAIN-funded projects improve sanitation and hygiene, increase productive use of water and protect watersheds.