I must confess that bottles have never been my favorite category of collectibles. I can admire and appreciate the different varieties of Hutchinson, straight-sided, and contour bottles that have been used for Coca-Cola over the years, but I have never had a great desire to either collect or document every variation of this packaging.

Fortunately, there are collectors who are obsessed with knowing everything they can about bottles and are willing to share that knowledge with their fellow collectors. Doug McCoy is one of those dedicated researchers/collectors who has assembled a mass of useful information on bottles used for Coke in two very useful tools. The first is a newly published book titled The Coca-Cola Bottle. In 96 very informative pages, Doug shares his insights and experiences on collecting bottles. This is a must read for anyone remotely interested in bottle collecting. You can purchase a copy for $30 on eBay now or wait a few weeks to buy it at Amazon.com.

Doug has also started a blog called the Coca-Cola Bottleman's Blog earlier this month.It is an ongoing report on bottle collecting and the resources he has found helpful in expanding his personal expertise.You will definitely want to bookmark this one.