COKE STAMP1 While pin collecting at the EXPO in Shanghai was just as strong as it is for most Olympic games, the EXPO also offered a different way of interacting with people - Passports.  The Expo passports quickly became one of the most popular souvenirs for visitors.  Each pavilion, and most of the nations of the world were represented, had their own special stamp for the passports. 

PASSPORT COVER-1 Our Coke pavilion offered a general stamp and then on special occasions, we had a special stamp.  I was there on the closing day, so I received the final day dated stamp.  While I have not seen too many of the passports offered for sale outside of China, passports with the stamps of the coveted pavilions (including Coca-Cola) were selling for hundreds of dollars on the Chinese version of E-Bay.

I have scanned a few pages from my passport to show the variety of the stamps.  The page on the far left has crown stamp.  That was from the Liechtenstein pavilion and the pavilion director made a potato stamp each day so no two stamps were ever the same.  The one in the middle features Chile.  The day I was there, the capsule used to rescue the trapped miners had been flown to China and was on display.  The pages on the right have the USA stamp which was difficult to get.

Malta Chile USA