Win an Olympic gold medal.

Every athlete dreams about it. And let’s face it, you probably have, too. Standing on the podium, basking in your own awesomeness. It's your moment. And like the medal around your neck, this moment is gold. 

It’s a dream only a handful of elite athletes will ever experience. So what about the rest of us? You know, the ones picked last for kickball at recess. No worries, we got you. Gold moments also happen off the podium. They happen every day and all around us. Coke's social media influencers for the Rio 2016 Olymipc Games can certainly attest.

This summer, Coca-Cola is launching a global social media influencer program as a part of the brand's Rio 2016 Olympic Games “That’s Gold” campaign... or #ThatsGold for the social media savvy. Fans around the world can experience #ThatsGold Olympic moments through the eyes of Radio Disney host Alli Simpson, singer/songwriter Cody Simpson, YouTube filmmaker Allie Marie Evans, YouTube star Jake Boys and Brazilian social media personality Lucas Rangel. These social media rock stars were selected based on three criteria: their global audience, their love of Coca-Cola, and their passion for the Olympic Games.  

“We learned from the London Olympics and the FIFA World Cup that fans, especially teens and Millennials, don’t want to be spectators -- they want to be participants,” said Kate Hartman, director of brand PR for Coca-Cola. "It’s a classic case of FOMO (fear of missing out). But thanks to the #ThatsGold influencers, fans won’t miss a thing."

Using their social platforms, networks and real-time video streaming technology, as well as Coca-Cola owned media channels, these influencers will help Coca-Cola create a digital window for fans around the world and inspire them to create and share their own #ThatsGold moments.

From a Snapchat story from Alli Simpson preparing to run in the Olympic Torch Relay, or live tweets from Jay Boys watching an Olympic competition, #ThatsGold influencers will offer fans an inside look to the Games like never before.

Passing the (Olympic) Torch

If the behind-the-scenes coverage sounds a bit like news reporting, well, it should. “In today’s world, social media influencers are the new media,” Hartman explains. More and more people, especially young adults, are putting down the TV remote and picking up their smartphone for news updates and current events. That’s why it’s important for companies like Coca-Cola to meet consumers where they are – at their fingertips. But more importantly to do so in an authentic way.

Authenticity is key. So instead of giving #ThatsGold influencers a script of how Coke wants them to define “gold moments”, Coke is dipping its toes into somewhat uncharted waters.

But that doesn’t mean the brand plans to send the crew to Rio and hope for the best. As well as running in the Olympic Torch Relay throughout the summer, each of these talented digital influencers will add something special to the campaign by engaging in a range of activities that will allow fans around the world to experience and celebrate #ThatsGold moments.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Meet Our #ThatsGold Influencers

Jake Boys

  • Bio: One of the young rising stars of YouTube with more than 300,000 avid subscribers tuning in to his hilarious content style.
  • #ThatsGold Moment:

  • Olympic Torch Relay Run:

Allie Marie Evans

  • Bio: At only 20 years old, this Canadian actress, fashion model and filmmaker is already a role model for a new generation of teen fans and has already amassed a huge following thanks to her authenticity, creativity and girl-next-door charm.
  • #ThatsGold Moment:

  • Olympic Torch Relay Run:  

Alli Simpson

  • Bio: 18 year old sister of Cody, Alli is a social influencer and hosts a weekly fashion/lifestyle show on Radio Disney, interviewing some of the biggest names in pop culture. Alli has over 3 million followers across Twitter and Instagram and has released four singles to date.
  • #ThatsGold Moment: 

Cody Simpson

  • Bio: Cody is a 19 year old Australian singer, songwriter and actor who began recording and posting song covers to YouTube in 2009. Before his musical career took off he was a competitive swimmer, winning two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.
  • #ThatsGold Moment:

Lucas Rangel

  • Bio: Rangel is a Brazilian social influencer with over 1.8 million followers on Twitter and 377 million loops on Vine. He is known for his comedic creativity and unpredictable content. Rangel began posting on Vine in 2013 and now engages with his fans across multiple platforms, with over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.7 million followers on Instagram
  • Olympic Torch Relay Run:

More #THATSGOLD Moments

Follow our influencers for an inside look of the Olympic Torch Relay and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games through their social media channels. And for all the latest #ThatsGold coverage, live updates and stories follow @CocaColaCo on Twitter.