Developing new drinks that meet evolving consumer tastes while supporting local communities remains at the core of Coca-Cola’s transformation to becoming a total beverage company. Fanta Blood Orange, recently launched and soon to be available throughout Italy, represents a latest milestone in this approach.

The addition to the Fanta portfolio is made with the juice of Sicilian Blood Orange and continues a local sourcing tradition dating back to 1955 when Fanta was invented in Naples.

The new beverage is produced with the juice of Sicilian Blood Oranges of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status and provides a modern take on an Italian recipe that has been continuously made with 100% Italian orange juice since its first production more than 60 years ago.

Fanta Blood Orange marks the first occasion that PGI-certified Sicilian Oranges have been available in a beverage served throughout Italy, providing a further catalyst for growth for the Sicilian agricultural region.

Each year, Coca-Cola invests more than €4 billion sourcing ingredients from the EU agricultural sector, and more than 98% of all its ingredients for locally produced drinks are of EU origin. The long-term relationship with the Sicilian citrus supply chain ensures that 100% of citrus juice included in Fanta is sourced locally, and helps contribute to an important local industry. 

This relationship has been further strengthened over the years through several local community partnerships alongside the Citrus Production District of Sicily. The Coca-Cola Foundation has financed different projects to protect and develop the Sicilian citrus fruit supply chain to help further spur and advance citrus cultivation. These include programs to convert citrus waste into clean energy, train disadvantaged Sicilians on citrus farming techniques, and promote sustainable irrigation through IT technologies. The most recent initiative launched on World Water Day 2019, A.C.Q.U.A., digitally maps water-stressed citrus orchards using drones.