This summer, FANTA is celebrating young creators living their life boldly and unapologetically through self-expression in Flavor Out Loud, the brand’s newest creative campaign.

“FANTA is all about flavor,” said Jessica Kalish, senior IMC manager, FANTA. “And we wanted to use our platform to amplify FANTA fans who are living their best lives, having fun and aren’t necessarily getting recognition. At the core, this wasn’t about finding someone with massive reach… this was about celebrating people and having fun in the process.”

Throughout the summer, FANTA will feature a series of short vignettes spotlighting today’s “flavor makers” – teens who embody the FANTA ethos and bring something unique, bold and interesting to the way they live, create and play.

In June, FANTA began to spotlight flavor makers across the United States via the brand’s social media platforms. The brand debuted with a long-form video featuring Tyler Hassell, an aspiring jam-skater from Nashville, Tenn. FANTA flew Tyler to New York City and surprised him with a public skate party thrown in his honor at the renowned Brooklyn Skate Club in New York.

The piece explores Tyler’s love for jam-skating while discussing how he overcame criticism from others who questioned his passion. Like FANTA, Tyler embodies flavor through fun. Through his unique interests and unwavering dedication to his to his craft, Tyler brings an infectious energy to those around him.

“Flavor is your style and personality. It’s not about how you’re doing it, it’s about doing it for yourself,” said Hassell. “Your style is your own… [and] everything that I’ve worked for [has been] accomplished in this day alone. This is a very special day for me, and I’m definitely going to remember this.”

As a follow-up to the first video, FANTA released its second content piece, highlighting Amy de Jesus, a self-taught makeup artist from Houston with a keen eye for out-of-this-world creations and bold designs that mirror the FANTA lifestyle. FANTA also surprised Amy in New York City with a special art exhibit showcasing her flavorful looks.

Breathing life into Amy’s signature creations, the exhibit offered guests a world of vibrant color and unique décor that reflected her imaginative perspective on art. Upon entering, guests immediately became part of the installation with opportunities for personalized face art and photos with models baring Amy’s make-up designs.

“I started with very simple make-up looks and then I decided to go even bigger…You have to take risks to know what’s out there,” said de Jesus. “For me, flavor means being unique. If you have a hard time expressing yourself, just forget about whatever is blocking you and just go ahead and do it.”

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