Fanta Lemon +C, a refreshing citrus-flavored sparkling drink packing a serious Vitamin C punch, has joined the core Fanta lineup in Japan after a successful pilot in winter 2016. A new-and-improved formula includes Vitamins B3 and B6, in addition to 80 lemons worth of Vitamin C (approximately 1,600 mg).

The invigorating drink has been warmly welcomed in Japan, where Fanta has had a home since 1958. Beyond the functionality of added vitamins, Fanta +C’s success stems from the booming popularity of lemon-flavored beverages in Japan.

Yoshikazu Shimaoka, director of flavors and adult sparkling beverages at Coca-Cola Japan, describes Fanta Lemon +C as fruity and vibrant with plenty of “kire kire” ­– a Japanese term that captures the sharp, tangy refreshment of lemon.