Forty-eight years ago this month, Fanta hit store shelves in the United States.

Fanta_bottle_coke_productThe Fanta line was introduced here in 1960 because many Coca-Cola bottlers asked Coke to provide a trademarked line of flavors in its own specially designed bottle. They wanted a drink that Coke would nationally advertise and promote.

When I talked about flavor bottles, I mentioned that bottlers sold flavored drinks – ones that weren’t Coke products – because they wanted to offer alternatives, and our Company only offered one drink (Coca-Cola). Fanta solved that problem.

In 1960, Fanta was available in Orange, Grape, Root Beer, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Ginger Ale and Club Soda flavors. Soon, Black Cherry, Strawberry and Club Soda were added to the line, followed by Red Cream, Fruit Punch, Iced Tea, Tonic Water, Grapefruit and Collins Mixer.

(Wow! You could say the bottlers got the flavor options they were looking for – and more!)