Fantana Jordan Fisher is celebrating his unique style and flavor on this season’s widely popular "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC. Fisher, who is part of the dynamic Fantana foursome and the first-ever male Fantana, is putting his dancing flair on display. The multi-talented artist embodies the Fantana mantra of embracing one’s true self by doing what he loves –dancing.

Earlier this year, Fisher mentioned why being a Fantana resonated with him, “Being more than one flavor means being entirely who you are, unapologetically,” says Fisher. "And to me, this means being an actor, a recording artist, doing TV and film, being a dancer and a creator. This is what makes me the happiest.”

This season, Fisher has a slew of fans cheering him on, including the rest of the Fantanas who are enthusiastically rooting for their friend. Eva Gutowski, Lauren Riihimaki and Coco Jones have shared their excitement for Fisher as they’ve watched him woo the judges with his dancing aptitude.

“Jordan and I have known each other for a few years because we’ve crossed paths in our careers,” said fellow Fantana Coco Jones, “and I think Jordan is doing so well because he loves what he is doing! Who doesn’t love watching someone happy? It makes me want to cheer louder each time he steps on the dance floor.”

Like Fisher, the rest of the Fantana foursome continue to pursue their passions. Jones continues to share her singing talents on her social platforms. Eva Gutowski, known for her YouTube channel, recently debuted a new clothing line while Lauren Riihimaki, aka LaurDIY, just released an official music video entitled “DIY Queen.”

If the Fantanas aren’t busy enough, they are also sharing the Halloween fun with the new Fanta packaging on their social media. Check out their posts below: