Fast Foods Gone Global: Travel Channel Producer Tastes Local Flavors

I’m a travel and food television producer and I’ve worked on productions in nearly 50 countries in the past four years.  The planet is my office and I basically taste my way around the world.  One constant everywhere I travel is Coca-Cola. If there is one thing we seem to have in common with nearly every people on the face of this earth, it is that familiar red and white Coca-Cola sign.  I actually find that comforting.

Coca-Cola in Morocco, Africa

Coke sign in the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

But producing this show, Fast Foods Gone Global for The Travel Channel, I also got to see a new side of Coca-Cola:  it creates dozens of beverage brands that are tailored to, and woven into, the fabric of many diverse cultures.  From the sweet citrus flavor of Inca Cola in Peru to my personal favorite, Stoney ginger beer in sub-Saharan Africa no matter where I travel our crew’s coolers are filled with the local Coca-Cola flavors.  After a shoot in Namibia, we were so in love with Stoney, we brought home four dozen bottles in one of our equipment cases.

Travel Channel shooting Fast Foods Gone Global in Ghana, Africa.

The Travel Channel shooting in Accra, Ghana.

I encourage everyone to travel to as many places as they can around the planet, walk the streets, sample the local foods. drink the local favorite sodas from Coca-Cola, and smile! But if you can’t get there yourself just yet, watch Fast Foods Gone Global on The Travel Channel, Wednesday nights at 10 p.m., (9 central).

Visit Coca-Cola Journey to view the show’s sizzle reel.

Patrick Weiland, Producer for Fast Foods Gone Global