From the foodies to techie dads, there is the perfect gift out there for fathers of all types. Check out this Father’s Day gift guide to see what gifts best suits your dad!

1. The Bookworm (Books)

Father's Day Gift Guide

Books are always a great dad gift. They're substantial, interesting, great for travel or relaxation and last a long time. The best part about getting a gift like a book is that the options are limitless. Is your dad a cook? Browse the culinary section. Sports fanatic? Pick up the latest athlete's biography or get him a book documenting the history of his favorite team. Has your dad always had a penchant for The X Files or John Grisham legal thrillers? Pick up something in the suspense section. Or is your dad the jokester of the family? Grab a book of jokes or a current comedian’s biography. Whichever genre of books your dad prefers, this is an excellent gift and it shows a lot of thought.

2. The Techie

Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads love gadgets. Plain and simple. From cameras to wearables, many just can't have enough tech. If your dad is the kind that loves gadgets, but doesn't always know about the latest technology, this is a great gift opportunity for you. Get him something he hasn't heard of and show him how he can start to use it in his everyday life. It's fun to get creative with these kinds of gifts. Perhaps your dad loves photography, but hasn’t taken the time to purchase good equipment. Do the research and get him the perfect new camera for his hobby. Whichever item you pick up for them, it will undoubtedly be a winner.

3. The Fashion Plate

Father's Day Gift Guide

Does your dad keep up with all the latest styles for men? Is he known as the “dapper dad?” Well then a pair of striped, polka dotted, or colorful socks are a great fashion accessory for your dad. It'll give him an extra skip in his step!

Another great men’s accessory are ties. They are always a fun way for men to show off their quirky side. Some go for the classic tie. Others like the kitsch or standout patterns and colors. Whether you get him socks, or ties, grab your dad something fun, stylish, and cool to help him express his sense of fashion! 

4. The Coffee Aficionado

Father's Day Gift Guide

If they're male, over the age of 25 and called "dad" by someone, then I bet they’re a coffee addict lover! My memories of childhood were waking up and smelling coffee brewing in the house. The fantastic smell permeated life so much for me that coffee and dads are now synonymous in my mind. The coffee category is great because there are so many options. From espresso machines to coffee pots, there are amazing machines on the market that really bring the coffee house to you!  Find one that fits your dad's coffee habits and he'll be one happy guy every morning. Already have all the coffee machines you need? Try a personalized mug with your dad's initials on it. If your dad commutes to work or travels, get him a travel mug. Another coffee lover favorite are bags of specialty coffee beans. 

5. The Man About Town

Is your dad the dad who never turns down a party? Loves a great sporting event? Is always interested in going to the latest shows in town? Or trying the newest restaurant? Well there are a few great options for this type of dad. Since Father's Day is during baseball season, get him tickets for an upcoming game. Is there an awesome musician or comedian coming to town? Schedule a night for him to go see the show! Or is your dad a big foodie? Get brunch reservations at a great local spot and spend a delicious meal together. If it makes sense to have the event on Father's Day, that's a great way to spend the day. If not, tickets will give dad something fun to look forward to!

6. The Sentimental Dad

If your dad is the type that loves anything you have ever made for him then he will certainly be enamored with a DIY gift. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones made by you! Some great DIY gift ideas are framed photos, or a collage of you and your dad. If you like to cook, you can make an excellent meal featuring some of his favorite foods. Or bake him a cake! You can also try making him a card yourself. DIY gifts are great ways to get creative and they will most certainly be priceless.

Happy Father's Day!

Tillie Adelson

Tillie Adelson is the witty and fashionable voice behind style and beauty blog My Stiletto Life, and was recently featured in InStyle Magazine’s November 2013 issue. She is a style influencer, a content creator, an entrepreneur, and a stylist. She contributes her creative voice and style to various platforms. Tillie is a graduate of UCLA and Parsons the New School for Design and launched her career in fashion in New York City. She is a pop culture aficionado, has a penchant for stilettos and nail polish, and has an affinity for languages and culture. Love her style? Vote for her in the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge.