This summer, acclaimed Danish fashion designer Charlotte Sparre launched her first capsule collection in collaboration with Coca-Cola. In this interview, she reveals what it takes to become a well-known designer and who she has spotted wearing her collections.

Charlotte Sparre has been creating amazing collections in her own name since 1993. During her studies, she became interested in fashion and design, and created and sold various accessories for women in the local market in her birth town of Elsinore. One day, on a trip to the Far East, Sparre discovered the most beautiful silk fabrics, and that's when she decided to start designing scarves for women.

She quickly made a name for herself in the Scandinavian market, then decided to establish a formal company and start production on a larger scale. The Charlotte Sparre business has since grown from women's accessories and scarves into a full-fledged, high-end garment collection and is today represented in some of the world’s most exclusive and trendsetting stores, such as Le Bon Marché in Paris.

Sparre's collection is frequently worn by celebrities, royals and world recognized models, who have helped debut new designs on the catwalk.

Collaborating with Coca-Cola 

Inspired by the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, Sparre has collaborated with Coca-Cola to create a collection of beautiful, 100 percent silk scarves and dresses, which rolled out this summer in select stores across Europe.

With her unique expression, Sparre has interpreted the Coca-Cola bottle with dots to symbolize the fizzy bubbles of refreshment that can be enjoyed in a just-opened Coke, but also to illustrate the beautiful and timeless design of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle.

Sparre's exclusive collection features four beautiful and bright color combinations using, of course, Coca-Cola red. Read on to find out more about the designer, her new collection and who she'd most like to share a Coke with!

Where did your inspiration for the collection come from?

I read in the newspaper about the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle, and that really inspired me. It was the shape, the color and the brand in general, which I drink and love.

Which is your favorite piece from the collection?

It has to be the red dress with the black bottle. It's so Coca-Cola, but at the same time quite kitsch.

"Sales and marketing is essential to becoming a well known designer."

What made you want to start your own business?

I started my business when I was 24, because I felt there was a market for prints, scarves and silk. I then developed it into a full-size collection, which has been a great journey. 

How has your background in sales and marketing helped?

In many ways. Running a business requires many skills, and sales and marketing is essential to becoming a well-known designer.

Your collections are now sold in more than 200 stores worldwide. How does that feel?

So great. It's just amazing to see all those amazing women wearing my designs. I put so much love and passion into my prints and the look of each piece, so I feel humble that so many others appreciate my designs.

Looking at your Instagram, you love to travel. Where’s your favourite place to visit?

Ah, there are so many great places in this world! My favorite capital has to be New York, though. It's so inspirational, from the fashion to the food. 


What fashion trends should we look out for?

I'm currently working on AW17 now, so I'd say look out for velvet, emerald and sapphire colors, mythology and unicorns, like Pegasus. I'tll be an amazing season with a lot of storytelling!

Coca-Cola is 130 this year. Who would you most like to share a Coke with?

My son, Frederik. He is the greatest Coke fan. He collects bottles and Coca-Cola merchandize. Whereever I travel, I always bring back a bottle of Coke for him. 

The Charlotte Sparre and Coca-Cola collection is available at the following retailers: Urban Speed (Austria), Edith of Oxford (Belgium), Valkoinen Elefantti and Muotikuu Oy (Finland), La Pierre Bleue, Carioca Femme and Nude (France), Ingrid Dörr Designermode (Germany), Mama di Angela Squeglia and Ricami e Legami (Italy), Depeche Mode (Lebanon), Mercedeh (Monaco), Lipstik (New Caledonia), Moda Rosa and Leggera Nell'Aria (UK).

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