Meet the amazing Mr Robotic, whose energised dance music will kickstart any party!

Welcome to 52 Songs Of Happiness, a collection of unique music from around the world brought to you by Coca-Cola. Each of these amazing new acts has crafted a one-off song based around a treasured location, as well as a Placelist with the music that makes that place so special.

The next emerging act to feature is the gifted producer and MC, Mr Robotic, who crafts EDM anthems that are designed squarely for the party, such as ‘Feel The Love’, his contribution to 52 Songs Of Happiness.

Mr Robotic cites Jay-Z and his music as a key inspiration. “I believe in touching peoples’ lives, not just in the United States but around the world, and I feel Jay-Z has an international presence, both with his music and personality, that crosses all the lines and that’s what I strive to achieve.”

People who work hard and make global impacts have a major impact on Mr. Robotic, as he tells us about the other people that he admires. Sean Parker (the man who co-created Napster and has worked with Spotify and Facebook), Mark Cuban (American entrepreneur and sports team owner), Mark Zuckerberg (who founded Facebook), and Damon John (the American entrepreneur and television star) are all people that have motivated me outside of music.”

His Placelist is dedicated to the location where one of his finest performances took place –the famous Las Vegas Blvd. “It was one of my favorite shows I’ve done to date. It was for a model contest and it was a sold-out crowd, with everyone dancing and partying with their hands in the sky. I was literally performing songs of happiness!”

Listen to Mr Robotic’s Placelist