If you are a fan of Coca-Cola on Facebook you may have noticed a few videos that featured the Archives the last few months.  The two founders of the Coca-Cola Facebook page, Dusty and Michael had toured the Archives when they visited Atlanta a year ago. They had even included photographs from their tour on the site and in their original video.  A few months ago, the Archives was contacted by a colleague in our Marketing Department to see if we would let Dusty and Micheal film some new videos in the Archives storage space.  I met them at the Archives at 9:00 AM and the team filmed all day.  It was alot of fun to see how the process works and I was amazed by the creativity of Dusty and Michael and the advertising crew.  I am no actor and a few of the scenes pushed me well outside my comfort zone, but all in all, it was great fun.  I posted Everything Must Go in August and I hope you enjoy the new video.

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