The sound of sizzling fajitas as they land on your table. The crispy crunch of a mid-afternoon pretzel break. The wisps of saucy steam that rise from a bowl of home-style spaghetti. What do they all have in common? They’re better with the right drink—something balanced and refreshing that complements the meal and brings all the flavors to life. With Coca-Cola Freestyle, that’s what you get. No matter the food, Coca-Cola Freestyle makes any meal or snack a symphony of taste and excitement.

Beverage pairings aren’t just for wine anymore. Colas, teas, citrus drinks, and ginger ale all have different complementary flavors that add depth and complexity to your favorite foods.
Traditional soft drink dispensers only offer six to eight options, and if you’re looking for something with less sugar, your options may be even more limited. With Coca-Cola Freestyle, more than 170 flavors are available at the touch of a button. What’s more, Coca-Cola Freestyle offers more than 80 low and no-sugar beverages, flavored waters, and caffeine-free mixes. With a world of exotic options at your fingertips, find the pairings that make your mouth water. 

Using Coca-Cola Freestyle’s meal-pairing guide, and a little experimentation, we devised our own list. Now go discover the pairings that tickle your taste buds.


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