Canada is well known for its beautiful scenery, hockey, maple syrup, abundance of lakes and, of course, its symbol of nationalism: the maple leaf. Having spent the last month on the ground in Canada, I believe that come July 5, 2015, Canada will be known for something else as well.

On April 1, Coca-Cola and FIFA kicked off the first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour. Over the course of two months, in the build up to the tournament, the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy will visit 12 Canadian cities across the country, and in so doing inspire Canada to open its collective arms and celebrate this great moment for Canadian women's soccer and female athleticism together.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour has been built up as a fully integrated football experience whereby football fans, families and teens can come and enjoy an immersive event that will appeal to each individual on so many levels.

For those hard core football enthusiasts, we have the FIFA locker room whereby we have recreated a locker room in the stadium with locker style benches, kit and everything that goes into bringing the feeling of being there. We also have a FIFA trivia quiz in the FIFA locker room where you can test your football knowledge.

We have set up a multitude of engaging and interactive experiences within the activation footprint, whereby fans can record a video of their celebration and post this to social media.  Fans can try their hand at a larger than normal foosball table and challenge their friends or make new friends and challenge them. In partnership with Bell Media, the official broadcaster of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, we have set up a broadcast table where aspiring journalists, commentators and presenters can experience a taste of what it’s like to sit in the hot seat.

Record Your Cheer

One of the highlights of the experience so far has to be the robot goalie – this Artificial intelligence inspired piece of equipment gives everyone the opportunity to take a shot on goal and see if the goal keeper can stop it. Personally, it took me about 15 attempts to score (Not mentioning the setting level that I eventually scored on).

Once everyone has put their cheering, broadcasting, shooting, foosball and dancing skills to the test they next move onto the winner’s tunnel. This tunnel provides an audiovisual overload and fans are taken down memory lane where the past FIFA Women’s World Cup™ winning teams are shown with some of the most memorable moments from the past. This sensorial experience gets you in the mood to then enter the trophy room and see the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy. I love this part of the experience journey as no matter the age, the reactions from the fans are always so priceless. Watching the fans have their photo with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy is certainly the high point of the overall experience – their reactions and interactions are worth more than what words could ever describe.

Robot Goalie

To cap it off (excuse the pun) the fans then receive a perfectly chilled Coca-Cola in the premium Aluminum bottle.

As you can imagine, putting a tour of this magnitude together is no small task. We could not have done this without some of the key partnerships we have formed to make this a reality. Kia has been invaluable in supplying us with the wonderful vehicles that we are using to make the tour across Canada. Adidas have supplied us with all our kit and apparel needs. The CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) have been wonderful partners in helping us work with the local communities we are visiting, setting up multiple events and by providing us access to John Herdman, the head coach of the Canadian Women’s soccer team as well as some of the women’s national team players.

Perfect Serve

We are now past the half way mark of the tour and there have been so many highlights thus far. From visiting Lieutenant Governors in the respective provinces, to hosting music concerts with Simple Plan as the headline act, to taking the trophy to Ronald MacDonald Houses and Boys & Girls clubs,  and to hosting massive fan experiences where thousands of people attend has been testament to the power of football to unite and bring people together. It is particularly inspiring to see that women’s football means just as much to the fans as men’s football and how this tour is making an impact on young girls across Canada who are now dreaming representing their country and  lifting the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in the years to come.

Brad Ross is global football manager for The Coca-Cola Company. In 2013-2014, he led the 90-country FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour leading up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Read more of Brad's posts here.

Full Schedule

FIFA and Coca-Cola are making the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ more accessible to thousands of people across Canada and we would love to see you at one of the upcoming stops. As we continue to move through the beautiful country of Canada, we will be visiting the following cities:

May 6: Hamilton, ON

Lime Ridge Mall 

11am - 7pm.

May 8-10: Winnipeg, MB

Polo Park - Cadillac Fairview
11am – 7pm (8th and 9th May)
10am – 6pm (10th May)

May 16-18: Edmonton, AB

West Edmonton Mall
11am – 7pm (16th and 17th May)
10am – 6pm (18th May)

May 22-24: Calgary, AB

Market Mall - Cadillac Fairview
11am – 7pm (22nd and 23rd May)
10am – 6pm (24th May)

May 29-31: Vancouver, BC

Metropolis at Metrotown - Ivanhoe
11am – 7pm (29th - 31st May)