Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, I was not a big fan of a marathon event and I never thought I would join this kind of activity in my life since “running” is my weak point. However, when I accepted the job offer, I was told Aquarius sponsored Taiwan's biggest marathon, Fubon Taipei International Marathon, and as a brand owner, I was encouraged to be a participant to feel what it was like.

I told myself, “Alright, good to know, and it’s a once in a lifetime experience!” In order to finish the marathon in time so as not to lose face, I pushed myself to run for training at least once a week. I also persuaded my husband to run with me, so I wouldn’t feel bored. 

It’s really hard in the beginning. I barely survived for one kilometer, not to mention nine kilometers, and it was really discouraging to find the gap was that big. Other than emotional frustration, laziness nature was the other temptation to get rid of the training schedule.

Thanks to my husband’s encouragement and push, I was able to continue the training schedule and everything started getting better. Every time I encouraged myself to run a bit more, I felt proud of myself and I would try more to see how far I could reach the next time. It led to a positive circle.

Coke Employee Cher Cheng

My husband accompanied me all the way.

On race day, there were around 120,000 people attending the event and I felt excited to be one of the runners. It’s still tough for me to run for nine kilometers continuously; however, I tried my best to finish it in time by running and walking, and I felt so GOOD after I finished it. I was out of my comfort zone and did challenge myself to reach for more.

I will definitely join the event again!

Cher Cheng is Brand Manager at Coca-Cola Taiwan.