Lord Deben, former Minister of Agriculture & UK's Secretary of State for Environment, shared a few words with us last night during a reception at our 3rd Annual Coca-Cola Sustainability Summit.  He spoke eloquently, thoughtfully, and often humorously about a broad range of topics affecting the private and public sector today.

Here we’ve rounded up what we felt were the five key truths from his message about sustainability, about doing what we need to do today to put ourselves in position to be here tomorrow:

  1. Sustainability is about knowing where we are, not where we’d like to be.  It requires looking at ourselves, understanding where are we most vulnerable.
  2. Sustainability demands we understand what is expected of us, and that we understand what is expected of us is continually changing.
  3. Sustainability is about trust.  It’s about more than living up to what you believe your brand is … it’s about living up to what others think your brand ought to be.
  4. Sustainability demands collaboration across all sectors.  We cannot win without each other.
  5. Sustainability is also simple.  We must live life like we want to be here next year and the year after and the year after that.
Robin Arielle Torres (@robinarielle) is director of customer marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and is reporting live from Coke's 2014 Sustainability Summit.

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