Coca-Cola and Coffee Granita



  • 1 Cup recently brewed coffee (I use Colombian by Green Mountain Coffee® in my Keurig® brewer)
  • 0.25 Cup raw cane sugar
  • 3 Cup Coca-Cola
  • 0.5 a vanilla bean, split in half lengthwise


Total Time: 3hr 35min | Prep Time: 5min | Cook Time: 3hr 30min
  1. Pour the recently brewed coffee into a shallow container with a lid. Stir cane sugar into the coffee until completely dissolved. Stir in the Coca-Cola and toss in the vanilla bean. Place the container in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, take a fork and scrape any ice crystals that have formed. Place the container back into the freezer and scrape the ice every 30 minutes until the granita is light and fluffy. Serve in glasses and enjoy!