Chad and DeShaun Edwards had always wanted to adopt. But the Weatherford, Texas-based couple, already parents to their five-year-old daughter, never expected they’d end up with three more children.

Still, just weeks after learning three young kids needed a home, the couple welcomed them into their homes and hearts forever.

“We felt called to adopt and didn’t want to limit the opportunity,” Chad says.

Within days, the family of three had become a family of six, including the four kids—their daughter and her new siblings, ages five, four and two.

To celebrate, Chad and DeShaun, who have been married for seven years, recruited their friend and professional photographer, Mandy Collura, to photograph them announcing the new members on the way. Collura decided to capture the family's heartwarming news by keeping it classic.

Mandy Lorraine Photography

And the best way to do that? With a few ice-cold glass bottles of Coca-Cola.

“Coca-Cola was the first thing that came to mind,” Collura says. “It’s timeless, and the bottles were the perfect prop.” 

So the Edwards crew headed to nearby Fort Worth for a photo shoot on vintage-style red booths at Vickery Cafe, a diner that stayed open late so they could pose for a few snaps. The family sat at a table, huddled around six bottles of Coca-Cola—one for each Edwards.

The Edwards’ adoption goes beyond expanding their family. For the couple, adoption meant giving three children the chance at a vastly improved life they might not otherwise be able to achieve.

“There’s so many who don’t get the chance to have that family experience,” Chad says. “We’re giving them the opportunity to have a mom and dad.” 

The six Coca-Cola bottles represent what each member brings to the family, and while they’ve added a few more kids than planned, the Edwards say life is sweet.

“The moment they started calling us mommy and daddy, I felt this love for them,” says DeShaun. “They’re in the right place, where they’re supposed to be."

Mandy Lorraine Photography