Earlier this week, Coke's Jennifer Mann spoke at the Ad Age Data Conference in New York about how data collected from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines shapes the company's fountain beverage offerings, digital marketing programs and more. 

In an interview with Ad Age, Mann said Coca-Cola Freestyle machines have poured more than 5 billion servings and thousands of flavor combinations. The Coca-Cola Freestyle mobile app, which allows consumers to name and save their favorite combinations and then have the machines automatically pour them, has been downloaded more than 1 million times. 

The groundbreaking fountain dispenser is breathing new life into old brands, too. "Before Coca-Cola Freestyle, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke was available in less than 1 percent of our dispensers in the U.S.," the VP and general manager of Coca-Cola Freestyle told Ad Age. "Now with Freestyle it's available in every dispenser, and it's become a top-five brand in the afternoon daypart. So there was a huge unmet demand we were able to fill."

Read the full Ad Age story, and watch Mann discuss some of the data insights Coca-Cola Freestyle is generating, here.