College freshmen around the world are setting foot on campus for the first time this month, bringing with them an eagerness to embrace their new-found independence and quench their thirst for knowledge and new experiences.

While the initial days of class are mainly filled with excitement, making new friends can be a bit intimidating. That’s why Coca-Cola Colombia and Leo Burnett came up with a unique way to help students shake the first-year jitters and bond with their fellow freshmen.

Refreshment Comes in Pairs

Their ice-breaking solution? The Coca-Cola “Friendly Twist” bottle, which can only be opened with the help of another person. Coke tested the bottles -- fitted with specially designed, interlocking caps that can only be twisted open by a matching top -- earlier this year on the first day of classes at a university in Colombia. After reaching into a cooler and pulling out what appeared to be a regular bottle of Coca-Cola, the students realized they needed to first make a new friend before enjoying the ice-cold beverage. Take a look: