Coke 1956 Travel Refreshed Calendar

Coke 1956 Travel Refreshed Lithography Sketch

One Coke image would often take on various forms of advertising in different shapes and sizes by the time it was all said and done. We came across a 1950s letter in our collection noting that overseas Coca-Cola offices in various countries wanted to use some of the 1956 Calendar images on lithographed cardboard pieces. Because of the demand, rough design sketch layouts of how the cardboard signs would look with the tag lines included were developed and distributed to the offices. The specific dye transfers and colors to be used for captions and frames (such as the "Red Caption" and "Green Frame" notes on the above Couple on Steamer piece) were all specified by the Coke Advertising Department. The below lithograph sketch was an adaptation of the image from the January-February page of the 1956 calendar. The version of the calendar shown below is actually from Trinidad & Tobago. We found these sketches in our Export Collection which details our business internationally.

Coke 1956 Trinidad & Tobago Card Player Calendar Coke 1956 Trinidad & Tobago Card Player Lithography Sketch