If you can’t find room to park your car, it’s time to clear out the clutter and reclaim your garage. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to give your garage a little extra attention, but tackling this area can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry! We looked to Target Inner Circle member and organization pro Jennifer Jones of I Heart Organizing for a stress-free (and affordable) solution. Below, she shares five garage organization ideas, tips and tricks.

Target: Maximize Surfaces

Although the garage has an abundance of space, once you add a vehicle or two, that space is quickly limited. Make the most of the walls by installing shelving and rails of pegs or hooks. The hooks are great for hanging yard tools while shelving is ideal for containers and bins. Don’t forget about the ceiling! You can maximize your available surface area by installing ceiling storage kits or hooks for bicycles and gear. 

Target: Create Zones

A garage is typically a very large space to fill. Make the most of the perimeter by breaking the walls into specific zones. A few zoning ideas include a spot for gardening tools, sporting goods equipment, home improvement tools and auto maintenance products. This way, the entire family knows exactly where to find specific items based on activity. 

Target: Smart Storage

Be selective about the storage solutions used within the garage as the area quickly accumulates dust and even draws in the occasional critter. Avoid canvas and woven materials and opt for plastic or metal finishes, which are easy to wipe down and will last through variable climates and temperatures. Storing outdoor toys and beach gear in lightweight handled baskets is an easy solution when paired with shelving. Choose covered drawers or lidded bins for textiles and items you wish to remain dust-free.

Target: Get Creative

You may find you have many miscellaneous and oddly shaped items to store in the garage. Clear shoes boxes are ideal for storing smaller items such as extension cords, garbage bags, hardware and various parts. Food jars are a fitting choice for screws, nuts, bolts and nails while soup cans work well for taller tools and utensils. And don’t forget to label!

Target: Seating Storage

If space permits, consider adding seating, with hidden storage compartments in your garage in the form of a bench. It’s always convenient to have a place to sit down to put on shoes or cleats, or to take a quick break from that labor-intensive DIY project. Storage benches can hold additional baskets for sporting goods and footwear, making the most of the given space.

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