Coupon cover-1 I was going through some files on various promotions this week and ran across this wonderful coupon booklet from 1957.  Bottlers who activated the program would offer 288 bottles (12 cases) of Coke via the coupon booklet from the appliance store.  As you can see from the coupon, the cases of Coca-Cola could only be picked up at periodic intervals. 

Coupon-1 I did a little research on-line and found that Admiral had started out as an electronic company specializing in radios and later televisions.  Beginning in the early 1950s, they expanded their product line to include refrigerators.  I found a print ad for a 1957 Auto-Defrost Admiral freezer which listed the sale price as $ 179.00.  At that rate, the offer of 12 cases of Coke would have been a pretty nice incentive to buy the appliance. 

I have been with the Coca-Cola Archives nearly 14 years and it still amazes me how many new items I find and how much I learn about our past.  I wonder what I will discover next time I am researching a project?