How many people does it take to plan, organize, catalog, photo, video, move, select and move back over 500 items for The Coca-Cola Virtual Museum? About 18, I guess. 125 years make a lot of memories, and we were hard at work last week with a team from Spain creating a virtual tour of the Coke Archives in an absolutely astounding 360 degree technology that allows you to walk down the aisles and view all the objects in mind-blowing detail. Coke Collectors and fans alike will absolutely love this as Phil will personally invite you in with a video message. You'll be able to see this virtual walk through the Coke side of history in a little over a month, and I'd like to take a second to thank the whole team who worked hard and long to make it happen. The picture below represents the best of the best professionals from many different arenas who chipped in - it was like being on the set of a movie production the entire week - lots of excitement and fun. Thanks again! Coca-Cola Virtual Museum Team