Carbonated water may have been invented in the 1700’s, but The Coca-Cola Company has revolutionized the concept into something completely new with the introduction of sparkling water beverage, fruitwater. The naturally fruit-flavored, zero-calorie sparkling water beverage is intended to liven up the sparkling water aisle.

Sparkling water beverages account for nearly one-billion dollars a year in sales, with a consumer base that traditionally skews older than others within the carbonated beverage industry. According to senior brand manager, Evan Holod, fruitwater will appeal to a broader audience and bring younger consumers into the category.

glaceau fruitwater

“fruitwater offers the convenience of a zero-calorie sparkling water beverage that delivers on the great taste, the fun, and the sense of style that consumers have come to expect from Glaceau,” said Holod.  The fruitwater brand will be the first sparkling product to bear the Glaceau name, makers of vitaminwater, vitaminwater zero and smartwater.

Print, digital, in-store and out-of-home advertisements promoting the product, in addition to a large social media presence on Twitter and Facebook are planned.  fruitwater is also introducing a sleek, modern-looking 16.9 fl oz bottle to the U.S. market.  While the company owns global rights to the design, it’s never been released before in the U.S. The product will be available in five flavor varieties, and is sweetened with sucralose. By design it contains no fruit or fruit juice.  “We wanted to create a great tasting zero-calorie beverage to meet the needs of the consumer looking for this option – and adding fruit or fruit juice to the product would add calories,” said Holod.

So Why fruitwater?

“Our brand’s statement of identity, great-tasting, naturally flavored, zero-calorie sparkling water beverage, clearly states the product is naturally flavored – and each of the five varieties have deliciously fruity tastes, thanks to natural fruit flavors,” says Holod.

The company is expecting big things for the brand – which is the first new product launched under the glaceau name since the introduction of vitaminwater zero in 2009.

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