Global Shapers are young leaders who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society. They work together in teams to improve their communities.  This special series highlights the winners of Coca-Cola’s Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge for the Global Shapers Community.  This challenge rewards taking action, leading positive change and using innovative approaches to tackle serious social issues.

The Coca-Cola Company is a founding partner of this World Economic Forum Community.  We think the Shapers are pretty awesome and hope you enjoy seeing the change they are starting in their own backyards.

Global Shapers Community of Port-au-Prince Hub is implementing a project to address environmental issues and malnutrition in Haiti. In 2013, over 6.7 million Haitians were hungry, and 1.5 million of them were children (UN Food and Agriculture). In addition to the serious problem of access and the quality of food, Haiti suffers from deforestation. Our objective is to strengthen the development of the Botanical Park Eco-Technology by planting 300,000 fruit and medicinal plants on 1,500 hectares of land over the next 5 years. The expected result is to export fruit to generate profit in order to supply school cafeterias and also to help Haiti to overcome the issues of deforestation and coal exploitation. We have been supported by Bati Ayiti S.A, GazKole, Fondation Espoir in the first phase of the project. We are thrilled to have won a grant from The Coca-Cola Company, which will help us carry our work forward. Our approach is to create a sustainable business model that can have an important impact on the future of our country.

Click here to see their video on the project: Botanical Park Eco-Technology to Feed Future Haitian Generations.

The strategy is to plant an orchard of 10,000 mangos and moringas. You may not realize it, but moringa leaves are very nutritional.  Moringas are rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain two times the protein and calcium content than milk, have more iron than beef and have more vitamin C than oranges. Once the fruits are harvested, they will be exported.

Our project has been implemented with hundreds of pupils from 10 different schools in Haiti. We work within 5 schools each month to prepare and plant 850 seedlings. The pupils are helping to plant the seedlings, which helps materialize the project, and it educates and engages the youth to understand the issues. We are all working together for a better future in Haiti…together. Skendy Germeus said “The early stages have not been easy!  We had to cut weeds on 5 hectares, handle transportation of seedlings, conduct studies to select the best seed selection adapted to our climate and soil. It has been tough, but we have persevered as a team, and we know our work will impact the lives of many.”

The Global Shapers are committed to fully implement the project, and we know that we will make a sustainable difference in the lives of Haitians.

Skendy GERMÉUS is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Port-au-Prince Hub.