Global Shapers are young leaders who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society. They work together in teams to improve their communities.This special series highlights the winners of Coca-Cola’s Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge for the Global Shapers Community. This challenge rewards taking action, leading positive change and using innovative approaches to tackle serious social issues.

The Coca-Cola Company is a founding partner of this World Economic Forum Community. We think the Shapers are pretty awesome and hope you enjoy seeing the change they are starting in their own backyards.

Overview: Kalpa Vriksha

Kalpa Vriksha” aims at connecting donors with receivers, allowing donors to fulfill the right needs with the right resources, through a constellation of mobile applications. According to Indian mythology, Kalpa Vriksha is a wish fulfilling divine tree that provides for all needs. Inspired by this philosophy, the concept is rooted in a self-sustaining mobile ecosystem that connects donors and those in need. Much like the branches of a tree, currently the Kalpa Vriksha project branches out into two need fulfilling platforms–BloodDonor.Me and InKind.


Statistics reveal that over forty million units of blood are required each year in India, in which only 10% of this demand is fulfilled. Only eight out of every 1,000 people donate blood, leading to a significant shortage, of blood and precious human lives being lost.

This is the gap that is addressed through The application would benefit donors and receivers by being an online blood donor database connecting to people who might need blood in an emergency. BloodDonor.Me matches donors from the same/relevant blood group and allows the recipient to sort donors by distance and location. 

The Chandigarh Shapers are working with local not-for-profits (NPOs), blood banks and hospitals to promote the app and build an extensive user database for receivers or families of potential receivers to access. We now have access to 30,000 Donors that will be added to the database of the app.

So far the application has been downloaded by more than 500 people across the city, potentially impacting more than 2,000 people. In the time since its public launch, the application has facilitated more than 30 donations.

  • Achieved 500+ downloads of Blood Donor
  • Estimated Impact: 2,000 Lives
  • Facilitated 30+ Blood Donations saving precious lives


The InKind app allows non-profit organizations to post specific high-priority requests onto the app (money for books, clothing, volunteers, etc.). Then, users can browse through this gallery of requests, and select the exact need they would like to fulfill. The Global Shapers developed this app after their research showed that 60% of donations in Chandigarh were going towards low-need, rather than high-need, charitable endeavors.


According to results of a survey we conducted in our city, there is a huge disconnect between those who want to donate and the real needs, since there are no platforms that provide such information.

We want every need to be met with the best utilization of resources. The needs could range from the need for blood to the need for clothes.

As of today, a whim defines what is donated and where. Actual needs remain unfulfilled. Further, as one wise person said, “one man’s surplus is another man’s supper”. InKind ensures that someone’s surplus becomes another’s supper.


The bedrock principle that the Chandigarh Hub established was respecting and leveraging the capabilities of all the Shapers. Once that was set and with a common goal in mind to serve the community, the passionate Shapers worked selflessly with all the stakeholders.

Global Shapers Teamwork

The diversity of the group really helped to bring in getting a very holistic view of the problem at hand and an equally effective solution. It was a truly inspiring and life changing experience to work with such an incredible group of people.

As Dr. Klaus Schwab put it so aptly it is about Binding, Bonding and Building and that is what precisely happened when it came to the "Kalpa Vriksha" project that each Shaper could own. The project brings a piece of every Shaper with it – whether it is the way it could relate to the youth or in the way that it could relate to those in need. We all gave a part of ourselves to this work and hope it can bring amazing change to the lives of others. 

Next Steps

With the $50,000 grant, we aim at creating a mobile app ecosystem for Kalpa Vriksha which is not only available across all mobile platforms, thereby increasing scale, but also drives simplification through dynamic linking with databases, enabling the donors to be linked to the meaningful needs in countless ways. We will work to increase the technological efficacy of our apps, as well as scale-up the use of the apps, looking to launch internationally. 

Munish Jauhar

Blog Author Munish Jauhar is a Global Shaper from the Chandigarh Hub. He is the CEO/Founder of GrayCell Technologies Exports. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Applications. Most recently, Mr. Jauhar launched GrayCell Ventures to help young budding entrepreneurs, providing both seed capital for technology start-ups and mentorship to the next generation of tech visionaries.