Global Shapers are young leaders who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society. They work together in teams to improve their communities. This special series highlights the winners of Coca-Cola’s Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge for the Global Shapers Community. This challenge rewards taking action, leading positive change and using innovative approaches to tackle serious social issues.

The Coca-Cola Company is a founding partner of this World Economic Forum Community. We think the Shapers are pretty awesome and hope you enjoy seeing the change they are starting in their own backyards.

Children from the most vulnerable groups of society (children with disabilities, children from socially disadvantaged families) face multiple deprivations and have very limited opportunities to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion. Statistics show that 89% of children in extremely poor families do not attend any type of after-school club. This can have an irreversible effect on the life outcomes of children if we do not invest in them NOW.

In May 2013 the Yerevan Hub of the Global Shapers Community launched its TUMOrrow project in partnership with UNICEF, and TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies, allowing 18 teenagers from socially vulnerable families and night care residential institutions to take classes at TUMO Centre with all transportation and study costs covered.

TUMO Centre is a new kind of after-school learning environment where children aged 12-18 are involved in a "a game-like virtual environment" that makes the learning process more efficient. Besides learning animation, game development, web development and digital media based on a self-learning program (takes 1.5-2 years depending on the child), students also get a chance to participate in numerous workshops that help them think broader and further enhance self-learning.

Global Shapers: Yerevan

Overall, the aim of TUMOrrow project is to give opportunity to children from vulnerable groups of society (low-income families and with disabilities) to break through the social injustice and become 'full' members of our society, to learn, discover their talents and achieve their full creative potential. At the same time Shapers of Yerevan Hub work very closely with the teenagers to ensure their social inclusion, motivation and enthusiasm. Many events and workshops are being organized for this purpose.

With the grant from the Coca-Cola Company's "Shaping a Better Future" Challenge, we intend to expand the scope of the project, increase the number of students (up to 50) engaging teens with hearing impairments, as well as periodically organize various educational trainings and motivational events for the participants.

Global Shapers Yerevan Hub believes that all the classes, workshops and ongoing interactions with Shapers will bring significant success stories among these teenagers, who had no belief in their bright future, and who are being inspired and motivated to overcome the difficulties and become the creators of their tomorrow. We proudly underline the factors behind the success of TUMOrrow project as devotion, clear mechanisms of responsibility and accountability, mutual trust and a collaborative TEAM spirit among the Shapers.

Hovhannes Toroyan is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Yerevan Hub.