Are you in green business or communications, and want to make a difference with your career? What if your individual talent could benefit the world? Employees at The Coca-Cola Company understand the huge impact we can make as a global company and each of us share our individual skills and passions to collaboratively make a difference. Coke’s corporate sustainability professionals are the leaders of this company goal and all the initiatives we do around the world.  From access to safe water to promoting active lifestyles, the sustainability team is all about improving lives. You can hear more about our sustainability journey from our Chief Sustainability Officer, Bea Perez.

If all of this jolts a spark in you, we think we have your dream job. The Sustainability team is looking for a Senior Communications Manager in Corporate External Affairs in Atlanta. Intrigued? Go to our North America job search and click on Public Affairs under function to find this position (Job ID 25124). There’s a reason you lean in towards sustainability jobs, and we believe this one is worth it to apply.

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