It took 100 days, more than 15 craftsmen and 9,888 micro-paved diamonds for designer Kathrine Baumann and international jewelry manufacturer Aaron Shum to earn the official Guinness World Record for the most diamonds set on a handbag.

They were presented with this honor through their one of a-kind artisan Coca-Cola bottle silhouette minaudière – a jeweled clutch.

The handbag, valued at $300,000, is one of the most unique pieces ever licensed by The Coca-Cola Company. Made using Icestrella, a material employed in the creation of bulletproof glass, it replicates the look and feel of the iconic glass Coca-Cola bottle.

Handcrafted Coca-Cola Handbag

The diamond-encrusted handbag complements the Swarovski Coca-Cola minaudiere collection by Kathrine Baumann Beverly Hills featured and sold at Coca-Cola Stores in Las Vegas and Atlanta. The artisan bags include a six-pack minaudiere and personalized “Share a Coke-inspired cans and bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. The collection also includes the Coca-Cola bottle cap and “pop art” accessories.

Handcrafted Coca-Cola Handbag

“Working with Aaron Shum on this international collaboration has been an exciting venture,” Baumann says. “It is appropriate since Coca-Cola is not just an American icon but one of the most recognized global icons.”

 Shum agreed, saying, “Collaborating on such an unparalleled piece was an honor as we love to engage in unique projects that stand out.”

The diamond Coca-Cola bottle minaudiere inspired by Baumann’s trademark whimsy, along with Baumann’s Swarovski collection, was displayed earlier this month at JCK 2018 in Las Vegas, and will be available for orders at and through Aaron Shum Jewelry/Coronet worldwide at

Handcrafted Coca-Cola Handbag