Archive-Invite-1We are excited to use Google+ Hangouts, a new technology to give the fans of the Archives a behind the scenes look at our storage space.  While you may have seen glimpses of the Archives during the CNBC Special, Bloomberg TV or even our Virtual On-Line Museum, this will by the first opportunity to be a part of a tour and ask questions about the rich history, lore and artifacts of The Coca-Cola Company.

What is a “Hangout”?

A Google+ Hangout is a video sharing interface that will enable people who have logged in to view and interact with the live broadcast.  Jamal and I will be broadcasting from the Archives storage space where we will conduct a tour of the space. While all viewers will be able to ask question via post or comments,  some select viewers will be featured on the main screen to be a part of the live conversation. We are looking for some volunteers to be one of those select viewers, so if you have a great Coca-Cola story or have some interesting questions to ask, submit them in the comments section.  There will be some technical requirements (webcam, proper bandwidth, etc) that we will verify before the event, but Hangouts are very informal and we are looking at it as a way to have a conversation with people who love Coca-Cola.

When is the “Hangout”?

2:00 PM EST, February 16th.

What will you see?

Jamal and I will give a tour of part the part of the Archives storage space that is devoted to our marketing assets and memorabilia.  While we have pre-selected some of the artifacts we want to share, we will also be taking questions and request we receive during the Hangout.  With over 2.5 miles of shelving in the storage space, we have plenty of items and stories to tell.

How do I join?

You must have a Google+ account to join the Hangout, once you are set up with Google+, to access the Archives Google+ Hangout – visit the Coca-Cola brand page on Google+ ( ) and look for the Join This Hangout button that will appear.  When you click to join, a viewer will be downloaded to your computer or mobile device and you will be in the Hangout.