1913 ProgramLongtime readers of our blog will know that The Coca-Cola Company and the Boston Red Sox share a special bond.  We proudly display the 2004 Red Sox World Series ring at the World of Coke.  In 2012, Boston's famous Fenway Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the Red Sox have created an amazing program to help celebrate that event.  They have added over 40 plaques around the Park and created an exhibit space. We were delighted to loan some of our Red Sox programs from 1913 (Top Photo) and the 1930s (Bottom Photo) to the exhibit.  I asked Red Sox Archival Coordinator, Matt Heitzman about the exhibit and he sent me this description. Fenway Exhibit“The Royal Rooters Club – Home of the Nation’s Archives” is Fenway’s home for more than a hundred of our most historically significant artifacts, chronicling milestones for the team and the ballpark from Fenway’s first century.  It features items from Red Sox legends Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Dwight Evans, Johnny Pesky and others; memorabilia and ephemera from Red Sox World Series appearances; and it also documents the development of the ballpark, from its construction in 1912 to its “rebirth” in 1933-1934 under the stewardship of team owner, Tom Yawkey.  Finally, it is “the Nation’s Archives,” a home for artifacts loaned by fans, our corporate partners, Red Sox employees, and other members of “Red Sox Nation.”  The Royal Rooters Club is part of our commitment to Fenway Park as a living museum, and it complements 100 historical markers and displays we’ve set up in Fenway this year to celebrate the park’s centenary." It sounds great.  I love Fenway Park and can't wait to see the new exhibit.  The photo below shows Fenway during the 1914 World Series which was won by the Boston Braves.  If you look realy closely, there is a Coca-Cola Gum sign on the left field wall. Fenway-park-1914-world-series