Coke_122_birthday_singaporeYes, today is Coca-Cola’s birthday. To celebrate, here in Atlanta I’m hosting a Coca-Cola Collectors Road Show for our employees and our retirees. This is a chance for me to do the kinds of appraisals I’ve been doing for some of you on this site (through email and the comments) -- but in person.

Our employees will bring in any Coke memorabilia items they’re curious about and see if they have an unexpected retirement fund – or if they need to keep working! Look for a post next week about any treasures (or disappointments …) I see during today’s appraisals.

Across the globe, our employees in Singapore are receiving a special commemorative gift -- a contour bottle filled with “Coca-Cola” M&Ms. I’ve posted a photo of the bottle itself, but also a close-up of the label. My colleagues in Singapore did a great job with this. Every detail of the label has been specialized for the employees -- from the contour bottle-shaped bar code to the list of ingredients. Even the date next to the bar code is 0805 1886 -- for May 8, 1886. I know a few collectors who might be flying to Singapore to try and get one!


One of the first posts I did was about how things had changed from when Coca-Cola began to now. In 1886, we sold an average of 9 drinks a day. Today, we sell 1.5 billion. (Hint: that’s what the “1.5 bil/day” means on the label – to the left of the 122 Years logo.)