Famous golfer Bobby Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17th, 1902.  Being a St. Patricks day baby, he carried four leaf clover medallion.  I wrote a more extensive history of Jones, East Lake and golf last year.  While people know about Jones and golf, not many know that Bobby Jones was also a Coca-Cola bottler and was part of a group that owned bottling operations in Latin America and the US.  He was also the lawyer who oversaw the purchase of the Atlanta Crackers baseball team by The Coca-Cola Company in 1929 when its fortunes declined with the great depression.

Before I began working in the Coca-Cola Archives, I worked at the Atlanta History Center for 10 years.  One of my favorite roles while there was as the Bobby Jones Curator.  They have an amazing collection of books and artifacts related to Jones and golf.  I became a huge fan of the man who was not only an amazing golfer, but also a true gentleman and ambassador of the sport.  Each year, when I am in Atlanta, I try to stop by historic Oakland Cemetery to put a golf ball at Bobby Jones grave site.  As you can see from the photo I took last year, I am not the only one.  ^TR