If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that I can’t pass up a chance to celebrate a good holiday. This is no different: August is National Catfish Month!

Coke_fish_festoon_2While I don’t have Coke artwork involving catfish (trust me, I looked!), I did find this 1935 fish festoon.

In case you’re not familiar with them, festoons are display items that were hung at the top of soda fountains -- usually at the top of the mirrors people faced when they had a Coke at the counter. Coca-Cola had festoons for different seasons and themes -- from this fishing one to gem stones to movie stars.

The festoons came in pieces. Depending on the size of the "back bar," store owners could use one, three or five or more pieces. The pieces were connected by ribbon or something related to the artwork -- fishing lines in this case.

Festoons are some of my favorite pieces in the archives. They featured beautiful artwork (if odd at times, like state trees) and have amazing variety.

I hope you'll check the blog often. Who knows what other special holiday I can commemorate with festoons?