We have quite a few new things planned for the blog in 2013 and we need your help to prepare.  Readers of this blog will know that we are closet "foodies" and a number of our posts and videos in the past have focused on Coca-Cola and food, not only as an accompaniment, but also as an ingredient.  We have posted countless recipes for chicken, ribs, and chili. I blogged about The Five Spot in Seattle with their famous Coca-Cola Brisket and we have posted videos from The West Egg, Carvers Country Kitchen, Holeman & Finch and even the famous Varsity in Atlanta. For 2013, we are trying to gather a list of places across the US (or even anywhere in the world) that either use Coca-Cola as an ingredient, serve Coke in an unusual way (like an old time fountain) or have Coca-Cola memorabilia as part of their decoration.  If you know of any places like that where you live, please reply in the comments and give us the restaurant name and why the should be listed, the address (if you have it) or just the city and state. Please let us know if you want your comments to remain private and we will not publish them. Share this blog with you friends and lets see if we can get a nice list of interesting places for Coca-Cola and food. Think of it as a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (one of my favorite shows) of Coca-Cola. The two photos on this blog were taken during my travels last year, and the Coke Float at Nifty Fiftys was amazing!. ^TR