For more than 127 years we’ve been committed to refreshing people around the world. The world has changed since 1886, but our commitments to the communities we serve, today in more than 200 countries, have not. We care about the role we play in people’s lives and the health and happiness of the global community we serve.

We Offer Choices

We Offer Low or No Calorie Beverage Options in Every Market

We believe choices come in many tastes, shapes, and sizes. With more than 3,500 drink choices around the world, over 800 are low or no calorie. Our most popular drinks are available in small portion sizes, and nineteen of our top 20 brands have a low‐ or no‐calorie version or are themselves low‐ or no‐calorie beverages. With many different sizes and packaging options, we offer something for everyone. Learn More

Transparent Information

Provide Transparent Nutrition Information, Featuring Calories on the Front of All of Our Packages

We believe well-informed people make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Progress begins with information. That’s why we’re putting calorie information up front to help you make choices to meet your needs and those of your family, Our goal is to make informed decisions even easier. Learn More

Get People Moving

Help Get People Moving by Supporting Physical Activity Programs in Every Country Where We Do Business

We believe being active leads to happier and healthier lives, which is the reason we support hundreds of programs worldwide that help people of all ages get moving. Learn More

Market Responsibly

Market Responsibly, Including No Advertising to Children Under 12 Anywhere in the World

We believe parents and caregivers make the best decisions for themselves and their families. That is why we do not directly advertise to children under 12.   Learn More