Coke Heritage Event On Tuesday,  I participated in a heritage event for the Chinese media at the Coke Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO.  During the event I presented stories and images focusing on themes that are central to the Coke Pavilion including our long history in Shanghai, our longtime participation with World EXPOS and fairs, our long history of innovations and our heritage of sustainability.  Brenda Lee, Vice President of Coca-Cola Greater China, hosted the event and was able to offer current examples in each of these areas bringing our heritage up to the present.  The event, which was attended by nearly 35 members of the press including television stations from both Shanghai and Hong Kong, also featured a miniature museum of artifacts I had brought from Atlanta. 

Vote One of the highlights of the event for me was when we invited the media to vote for three items that were developed for the Coke Pavilion at EXPO that I should bring back with me to Atlanta to put on display at the World of Coke in Atlanta.  The voting was fun and all the members of the press were excited to be part of the process with cameramen and photographers pausing from their duties for a minute to cast their votes.  The voting was close, but I am excited that I will be able to put the specially designed plant bottle, a beautiful magnolia EXPO pin set and a custom set of the EXPO aluminum bottles on display in the loft at the World of Coke upon my return.

You will have to know Chinese to follow along, but here is a television report from the event .

Onsite display2 Onsite display3 Onsite display Show Aluminum Bottle
Ted03 Ted & Brenda Presentation