With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, it is a great time to be proud of the various contributions Latinos have made – and are making – to this country.  We have a sitting Supreme Court Justice, we have run multi-national companies (Coca-Cola included), we have been named World Series MVPs, and so much more.  But Hispanic Heritage Month is more than an opportunity to recognize where we’ve been and where we are today.  It is also a chance to look at the road ahead.  Although we have much to be proud of, we still have tremendous potential just waiting to be tapped.

Education: The key to unleashing that potential.  It’s a fact that with competition for jobs increasingly going global, higher education is more important than ever.  And Latino students are attending college in greater numbers than ever.  At the same time, far too many parents and students still think of college as something simply out of reach, the cost prohibitive.  Many Latino students who attend college are forced to try to balance work with study.  In far too many cases, they end up with less time and less money to be students.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

That’s why we at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund are so grateful to have corporate partners such as The Coca-Cola Company.  Together we are giving many deserving Latino students the help they need to earn college degrees. And just as importantly, our joint programs are giving increasing numbers of Latino students the time and resources they need to focus on college while they attend, so they can excel in school and throughout their lives. 

This year alone, we will award $287,000 in scholarships through the Coca-Cola Share Possibilities program. The fortunate recipients of these awards are being given the opportunity of a lifetime, to get a college education and make the most of it.

Cost should not keep some of our country’s best and brightest from taking their proper place in the pantheon of students whose college educations became the doorway to leadership. 

So, as we celebrate the Hispanic community’s many achievements this month, I urge you to also think about the future.  We are poised for so many accomplishments in every field imaginable. College is a key, and we simply have to provide more opportunities for students to attend. Everyone can help!  Please visit www.Coke-HSF.com and www.HSF.net to find out how.

Fidel Vargas

Fidel Vargas is Chief Executive Officer of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.