This year, Coca-Cola is celebrating 65 refreshing years in Spain. To mark this milestone, Coca-Cola Spain is launching a campaign called "Historias de Bar" to celebrate the important role local bars play in Spaniards' lives.

Kickstarting the campaign is a new TV and online spot, reveling in the love of sharing stories in bars and how tales can get taller with each telling. With the tagline of "Why drink to forget? Drink to enjoy," the ad showcases the unmistakable social connection between sharing good times with friends and enjoying the perfect serve of Coca-Cola.

Bar life is a way of life for many Spaniards, and Coca-Cola and the Spanish bar scene have shared a long, proud history. "You could say there isn't a bar in Spain that doesn't have a Coca-Cola connection," says Carolina Aransay, Coca-Cola marketing manager, Coca-Cola Spain. "What's more, there is no Coca-Cola more appetizing than the one enjoyed with friends in a bar. All this makes the product experience more special."

Historias de Bar

Shot at the iconic El Viajero bar in central Madrid, the spot was created by McCann.

Julien Hayat, content excellence manager for Coca-Cola Western Europe, said it was important for the ad to celebrate Coca-Cola's role as a "social connector" — something that makes the relationship between people even easier and more enjoyable.

"After all, Coca-Cola gives you a shot of optimism and energy, and the desire to share experiences with friends," Hayat added.