00000150-lo As the ad to the left will attest, people have often claimed to have the secret formula for Coca-Cola, yet the mystery of what it takes to make Coca-Cola is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world, and the formula is safely locked up in a bank vault in Atlanta, Georgia.  Phil was interviewed on a radio program that aired Sunday night called This American Life concerning a recent "new" discovery of a document that claimed to be the  formula.  The news has spread like wildfire and so many people tried to listen to the the story that it crashed the servers of the radio program and even made the monologue on Conan.

Following up on the story, Phil has done interviews with CNN and the CBS Evening News.  Rest assured that while many third parties have tried over time to crack the secret formula of Coca-Cola.  Try as they might to crack that formula, there truly is only one "real thing".