In 1949, the cooler radio, one of our more popular advertising novelties, was introduced for the Coca-Cola bottlers to purchase.  The cooler radio was immediately popular and orders increased each year.  The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottler placed an order for 30 the first year, 70 the second and 500 the third.  The radios were constructed of bakelite and were painted red with the traditional white lettering to match the full sized coolers.  The radios were manufactured by Point of Purchase Displays of Chicago. By 1955, Point of Purchase used the same exterior case to manufacture the CaraSell, a music box with a revolving turntable on top.  The CaraSells were used as in store displays and came with different seasonal item to place on the turntable.  As you can see from the trade advertising pictured in this post, holiday music and item were included and were guaranteed to increase sales. The CaraSell's are still very valuable with price estimates of up to $ 1,500 depending on condition. ^TR