Train Crowd While we generally do most of our post about items from our collection or stories about our brands or the Company, today I wanted to give you a sample of what happens here at our headquarters around the holidays.

The big news yesterday was the rock group Train doing a special performance for employees in the courtyard between the buildings.  I have included a link to the story that ran on CNN about the performance but you can tell from the photo that despite temperatures around 20 degrees, it was a pretty big crowd.  I had an off-site meeting and had to leave just as it started, but I heard they played Drops of Jupiter, Soul Sister and Shake up Christmas.

We have several displays with Santa up around the complex including several original Haddon Sundblom oil paintings like the seven you can see in one of the photos below.  There are also several merchandise displays including one that highlights the promotional items around the world.  I would love to get some of the ornaments for our collection from the Pacific display.  The last photo is of the fountain outside the main building.  It has been pretty cold in Atlanta and the water has been covered with a layer of ice for a week now.

Eurasia Latin POS Pacific Pacific Ornaments USA Lobby Sundblom Santa Frozen Fountain