Holiday Song: What Inspires a Music Artist?

Coca-Cola selected three emerging artists to feature in this year’s holiday song. Grayson Sanders wrote about his experience writing Coke’s 2012 song, “Something in the Air.”

When I got the opportunity to write the song it was actually June in New York City, a time that feels ages away from winter. People spend all their time outdoors, getting together with friends, going out to new restaurants and seeing exciting concerts. Although it may seem counter intuitive, summer in New York provided a perfect backdrop for writing a song about Christmas time. The holidays provide us a tiny bit of respite in the middle of what can be a really challenging time of year for all. The cold keeps us indoors, huddled in blankets, and often secluded from friends and family, but having one time of year to focus on lifting our spirits and sharing our warmest memories can create stronger emotions than all of summer can offer.

Before trying to write the actual song, I started by writing down memories anecdotally from beginning to end…as best as I could recall. I remembered the nostalgia of my years at a high school where I lived away from home. My best friends came from all around the world– Singapore, London, Paris– and as the holidays approached every year, they would talk of their own traditions, the things they missed, and how their relatives would gather from all around to remember old times. These themes ended up becoming the centerpiece of the song, and I discovered throughout the process of pulling this project together, that no matter the nationality, race, or creed, everyone can relate to these sentiments.

This is a particularly powerful year for me as I watch this song grow, while my passion project Snowmine releases our second album. It contains a set of songs that I feel very deeply connected to. In 2011, I left my full time day job and made the decision to separate almost entirely from my possessions and the comfort of a settled life. I sold my furniture, put my clothing in storage, and packed one bag. For almost a whole year, I traveled back and forth with this bag, no job, just a notebook to write experiences and emotions in. When I was ready to return, the band and I got together and we translated these words into songs that ended up becoming our new album, entitled “Dialects.”

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Grayson Sanders is an independent artist from the band, Snowmine, who helped write and perform “Something in the Air”.