HONEST Tea thinks taking care of our planet is serious business. From sourcing organic ingredients to the types of materials used in retail programs and sampling events, HONEST Tea is always looking for options it sees as more sustainable. So it came as no surprise that in 2012, HONEST Tea launched “The Great Recycle,” a program to get people interested and excited about recycling, which for years has stayed around 30% nationally for packaging and containers. HONEST Tea’s ultimate goal is to continue being a part of the solution and increasing those rates by reinforcing the benefits of recycling.

In April 2012, The Great Recycle made its grand debut in New York City to celebrate Earth Month with a 30-foot tall recycling bin placed in Times Square. For an entire day, New Yorkers and passers-by alike came down to trade in their empty beverage containers for items such as t-shirts, yoga mats, gift certificates, signed memorabilia, bicycles, skateboards, and more.

Honest Tea and The Great Recycle

The bin took off in popularity. Three 12 foot bins were created to meet demand and they’ve since collectively made over 60 stops, including Austin, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Long Island, Los Angeles, Seattle, Rochester, Washington, D.C., and West Palm Beach, collecting and recycling more than 170,000 beverage containers along the way.

Featuring either the original 30-foot tall or brand-new 12-foot tall ‘Mini’ recycling bin, HONEST Tea’s Great Recycle events serve as an open-call for people to come down to trade in their empty beverage containers for rewards from the on-site HONEST Rewards Center.  Participants can also sign an on-site pledge to make recycling a regular routine in their daily lives.

HONEST Tea partners with local companies at each location to ensure that the containers collected are recycled in accordance with local laws. 

The HONEST Rewards Center

At each event, beverage containers act as currency, redeemable at the on-site HONEST Rewards Center. Each container recycled is worth one point. While one bottle recycled will garner a small item such as a sticker or full bottle of Honest Tea, larger numbers of bottles recycled will yield bigger items including restaurant gift certificates, bicycles and more.

Taking the Online Pledge

For those unable to make it to any of The Great Recycle events, Honest Tea will enable people to participate online at www.TheGreatRecycle.com by using the Facebook Recycler Application and making a weekly recycling pledge.