Honoring Human Rights Day with Global Mutual Respect Policy

The Coca-Cola Company is joining governments, leaders and activists worldwide today in honoring International Human Rights Day – a day set aside to recognize the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations on December 10, 1948, in the wake of World War II. The Declaration sets out the civil, economic, political and social rights that all people are entitled to regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religious faith or political beliefs.

The Coca-Cola Company is dedicated to upholding and advancing the principles of fundamental human rights and personal dignity for all individuals around the world and in the communities we operate. This commitment manifests itself daily in how we treat our customers, consumers and each other, and it reaches into every area of our business and system.

Human Rights Day Display at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.

As a Company, we also recognize that respect for human and workplace rights is not limited to one day in December. We must continually evaluate our policies and practices in order to strengthen our support for human rights, and to demonstrate our conviction that all businesses have a corporate responsibility to contribute to the welfare of individuals by embracing and acting on these principles.

To that end, and in conjunction with International Human Rights Day, our Company today announced the launch of our new Global Mutual Respect Policy. The new Global Mutual Respect Policy is aligned with three other global Company policies that ensure respect for human and workplace rights across our system and supply chain: our Human Rights Statement, Workplace Rights Policy and Supplier Guiding Principles.  The Global Mutual Respect Policy clarifies how The Coca-Cola Company associates are expected to treat each other and everyone they interact with on behalf of the Company, with an emphasis on:

•    Valuing diversity and inclusion;
•    Creating an environment free from discrimination and harassment;
•    Reporting potential discrimination, harassment or any other type of disrespectful or inappropriate behavior; and
•    Ensuring that there is no reprisal or retaliation of any kind as a result of reporting and participation in any investigation.

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Ed Potter is Director of Global Workplace Rights at The Coca-Cola Company.